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Fotop 30F

Tuya Smart 4G Solar Power Security Camera

This product is a kind of outdoor monitoring camera without power connection, wiring, and simple installation, and ready to use. It is suitable for the entrance of homes, yards, fishponds, orchards, breeding farms, mines, construction sites, and all places where it is not convenient to connect power and wiring.

Main Functions:

  • No connection: solar charging and built-in lithium battery power supply;
  • No wiring: no cutting through the wall, no damage to the decoration;
  • No cable: monitoring without cable;
  • Remote view: with the network, you can view remotely anytime, anywhere;
  • Human body induction: when sensing a person, take a video immediately;
  • Privacy protection: local storage, no leakage;
  • Two-way voice: monitoring recording, real-time intercom;
  • Simple installation: self-installation, no need to invite professional construction personnel;
  • double light source night vision full color: white light auxiliary light source, night can also display color picture;
  • Flexible monitoring of the cradle head rotation: the cradle head rotation can be viewed at 320° horizontally and 90°vertically;
  • Support access to Google Assistant 、Amazon Alexa;


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